Up-to-date ventilation systems not only refresh air in the premises but can also clean, humidify, warm or cool the delivered air till the required temperature, thus creating the most comfortable conditions for people in the premises.

In this case, another Client received their equipment – Aeromaster XP air handling and ventilation units with waste-heat recovery from Remak Company.

An air handling and ventilation unit with waste-heat recovery is a system ensuring the flow of fresh and clean air to the premises and bringing out pestiferous and used air, thus, satisfying your Company’s needs in comfort and cosiness. Meanwhile, the recuperator allows saving the heat almost for free, and, respectively, your monies to be paid for electrical power.

REMAK Company has been a manufacturer of high-quality equipment for ventilation and air conditioning systems, as early as since 1992.

Dina Cociug Company is the official representative of Remak Company in the Republic of Moldova.