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Ventilation systems in the Republic of Moldova

Ventilation systems are installed at the stage of building construction. Besides this, a new ventilation system may be mounted on an old building. However, this is a more labour-intensive process. The main stages of ventilation system mounting include: laying of pipeline and air pipe mains; installation of valves and pressure regulators;

installation of system units: fans, coolers, heaters and so on; system testing. After the ventilation system is fully mounted, the testing thereof is realised. First of all, the operation of each system module is checked. After the main elements are checked, there is controlled the operation of the ventilation system as a whole. The compliance of design parameters with real ones is assessed in the course of commissioning works.


Everything for ventilation systems

Ventilation equipment means, first of all, fans of different types and purposes, ventilation plants and their component elements: filters, coolers and air heaters, household and industrial recuperative heat exchangers, automated devices for ventilation systems, noise reducers and, as well, devices that control air flows, and others.

Climate control equipment (i.e. heating and ventilation equipment) is designed to create and maintain optimal conditions in buildings and premises, depending on the purpose of each specific facility. Thus, dwelling premises must provide such air parameters, which will ensure full-featured vital human activities, while production premises need conditions, which will comply with technological process requirements.

Up-to-date climate control equipment comprises a wide range of devices and installations from different manufacturers, which significantly vary from the point of view of their technical specifications, design and prices.