You will be surprised but air in your house may be more polluted, by 2 to 5 times, than outdoor air!

This affects the quality of your sleep and your activity during the day. What is more, this may lead to asthma, allergy or other chronic diseases, in the course of time. However, Dina Cociug has a solution!

This is Sinclair air cleaner that removes acaridans, mould spores, animal hair, smoke, bacteria, viruses and even pollen of the ragweed, i.e. a very toxic plant leading to severe allergic reactions, from the air.

  • How is this possible?
  • The prefilter removes big particles from the air
  • The activated carbon filter removes smells
  • The HEPA filter removes superfine particles, due to combination of three various processes: fibre adhesion, self-adhesion (or viscidity) of dust particles, and diffusion leading to the Brownian motion, which, in its turn, resumes the cycle of two previous processes


If you want to prevent the risk of a new asthma or allergy attack, or if you merely dream of enjoying comfort, then invest in the air quality in your house or company!