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We carry out servicing of any complexity, of thermal equipment, technological retail equipment, refrigerating equipment, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our united team of highly professional employees from the Service Unit is charged with ensuring the maintenance of equipment in such fields as HoReCa, Retail, Climate and Industrial Freezing Solutions.

Our Service Unit carries out works on remedy of equipment malfunction and, as well, scheduled operations aimed to prevent fault inception.

High quality and the shortest terms of performance of our work are ensured by the following key benefits:

  1. 1 Our technical specialists’ professionalism and experience they have been cultivating over the decades
  2. 2 Computer network of remote monitoring and management system
  3. 3 Works all over the territory of the Republic of Moldova
  4. 4 Well-developed and standardised business processes and relevant document flow
  5. 5 Our specialists in mechanics, who are provided with vehicles with a set of spare parts and consumables, communication devices and the super package of diagnostic and repair equipment and tools, are ready to carry on the repair and service maintenance of your equipment.

Our professional service

Components and spare parts
Detailed examination and diagnostics
Warranty and post-warranty service
Equipment maintenance in HoReCa, Retail, Climate, Industrial refrigeration segments
Repair of technological equipment
Repair of refrigeration equipment

You may contact our specialists by any convenient means, with regard to any and all questions about equipment servicing and repair.

map Сервисная служба технологического оборудования: 
г. Кишинев, бул. Дачия, 38/7 +373 (07) 94-01-953
map Сервисная служба климатическое оборудование : 
г. Кишинев, бул. Дачия, 38/7 +373 (07) 97-02-246
map Service utilaj tehnologic: 
38/7 Dacia bd., Chișinău. +373 (79) 40 19 53
map Service utilaj frigorifig : 
38/7 Dacia bd., Chișinău. +373 (79) 70 22 46
map Service technological equipment: 
38/7 Dacia bd., Chișinău. +373 (79) 40 19 53
map Service HVAC equipment: 
38/7 Dacia bd., Chișinău. +373 (79) 70 22 46

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