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Refrigerating equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Any and all companies, which are in that or another way tied to foodstuffs, must buy refrigerating equipment, as depending on their demands. For instance, freezing chambers are the most popular, used by a huge number of consumers. Such consumers include both small-scale companies and large-scale warehouses. Each kind of industrial refrigerating equipment has its own temperature regime, which is chosen as required for those of other products, which need to be kept under different conditions.

Another sphere, where refrigerating equipment may be used, with more affordable prices in e-shops, is medicine. There are special freezer chests, which may be used in medical laboratories, for pharmaceutical or medical purposes, since many medicinal preparations must be kept at low temperatures, down to -85 degrees.

How to choose refrigerating equipment

When choosing refrigerating equipment for catering establishments, one shall consider not only several aspects but ten criteria all in all.

Those owners of restaurants, cafés, shops and bars, who always develop and search for personalised and nonstandard solutions, do everything right and so they win. This is conditioned by the fact that they buy only professional refrigerating equipment. When selecting such equipment, the key factors are: quality, price, appearance and compliance with the premises interior.

If less expensive equipment is chosen, it will be of lower quality because it is built up of cheap elements, the quality of which corresponds to their price. The attention shall be also paid to power and energy efficiency of such equipment. Although such refrigerating equipment for catering establishments costs much more, it can work efficiently, without repair, for a very long time, hence, it will pay for itself in the nearest future.