Everything has changed drastically over the last two years and Dina Cociug has changed too. We have been living side by side with our logo for 19 years, however, we understand now that it is time to leave it. Technology development, gained experience and our energy created the new Dina.

We realised at every stage of our development that everything happened to us were only the details of the same picture, where everything was in its place, was well-structured and logic. We understand perfectly well now what are the demands of our Clients and how our Company can satisfy them.

Rebranding is a kind of evolution of the Company’s brand. Our logotype, corporate identity, all printed materials and website will have a new bright and bold style now. This bright and attention-getting style appeared due to long-time work on our value system and to bold aspirations of our Company.

New Company’s style is made by analogy to Tetris game, where every detail has its own meaning. So, we demonstrate the qualities we are glad to offer to you, i.e. team spirit, flexibility, innovativeness and unceasing pursuit of excellence.

However, the most important news for you is that we provide namely the SOLUTIONS and namely the product your business needs, but not just goods that do not always settle the task set.

Welcome to the new Dina, where everything is in its places!