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Point-of-sale terminals and associated equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Trade system automation is an inevitable process, and special equipment, i.e. POS terminals, are used at the checkouts almost everywhere now. They help the clients pay with bank cards, while business owners benefit from advanced options of such equipment. Terminals may be used in different business sectors, however, one must choose appropriate devices for correct operation thereof.

Such devices significantly facilitate different trade operations and, besides this, help to trace sales, their amount, and to take care of security. Such devices are indispensable for all business owners, who take money from their clients for any goods or services or who have their own bank accounts.

How to choose point-of-sale terminals

Terminal + checkout. If the terminal operates as a part of the checkout lane, there may be used even a simple model, without cheque printer and Internet connection, with checkout mount holes. A side-mounted keyboard is connected to the terminal, for cashier and buyer’s convenience, to enter PIN codes.

Immobile terminal at the shop. Here will be suitable a model with connection to the electrical power network, fiscal memory device and data transfer to the tax office, cheque printer and Internet connection. Internet connection using a network cable will ensure the high data transfer speed. So, the shop must have a wireline service for such purposes and the POS terminal must have a patch cord port. Many terminals operate using Wi-Fi or a SIM card to be connected to mobile network: in this case, one has to ensure stable router operation in the salesroom or to control the SIM card balance.

Portable terminal. A device for itinerant trade must have an accumulator battery, fiscal memory device and Internet connection. There is no need for a cheque printer if such a terminal sends e-cheques to the buyer’s e-mail. The terminal with Wi-Fi connection will search for a wireless network at the point of payment, while the device with a SIM card and mobile Internet will depend on the mobile operator and SIM card balance.

mPOS terminal or card reader. When buying a card reader to be attached to a smartphone, you must already have an online cash register. mPOS terminal will transfer the purchase information there.