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Pizza equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Pizzeria equipment ensures creation of full-featured production process, subject to abidance by technological conditions and achievement of required product quality. The pizza technology stipulates several steps, and each of them requires use of those or other devices. First of all, foodstuffs are prepared and preliminarily processed.

This foresees flour oxygenation, using the flour sieving machine, while greenery, mushrooms and vegetables are washed in washing tanks. Further, there is the need for mechanical processing, but this requires buying such pizzeria equipment as dough-making machines, slicers, dough rollers and pizza pressing machines. Pizzas are cooked in special ovens with infrared heating elements, which, in their turn, are mounted on special panels.

Pizza sales in retail spaces requires permanent maintenance of certain temperature and marketable state. So, there are used thermal shopwindows, which keep the temperature conditions and flavour profile. Their construction requires a door with soft magnetic lock, a thermostat allowing to regulate the temperature conditions, and a liquid container ensuring the products humidification. Meanwhile, the rotating trays guarantee the uniform thermal circulation and, at the same time, better view of products. Buying the necessary pizzeria equipment means ensuring the technological cooking process to the fullest extent. Our Company offers the full range of professional equipment.

How to choose pizza equipment

When selecting the equipment, one should, first of all, consider the number of seats in the pizzeria itself and the number of orders for home delivery of pizzas.

It would be better to choose a conveyor-type oven, since it has a better production capacity. A wood oven or hearth oven (if there is no possibility to make a chimney) is to be bought for specialised establishments, where regular customers come, or high-level establishments. When one makes the specific list of equipment, they must also consider a range of nuances. It would be better to purchase all the equipment from the same company.

It would be also better to choose the brands of well-known manufacturers. Besides this, such parameters as capacity, chamber volume, temperature in the oven, door glass (for visual quality control), and material, shall be calculated when selecting an oven.

The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!