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Packing equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Packing equipment is widely used in the professional kitchens of catering establishments. Right packing is the factor of products freshness and preservation of their organoleptic properties.

Packing equipment is not a prerogative right only of large factories or plants. It comes now to shops, restaurants, small production workshops and even to our houses. The importance of implementation of appropriate packing solutions is conditioned not only by marketing issues but also an opportunity to increase the product shelf life severalfold and to ensure the convenience of their carriage and use. The innovations in this field can increase the goods sales. For instance, those companies, which were first to use vacuum packs, managed to sidestep their rivals in an instant.

Dina Cociug Company does its best to provide our clients with the up-to-day packing solutions for the HoReCa sector.

How to choose packing equipment

The wide range of packing equipment includes dispenser bottles, capping and wrapping machines, moulding machines, and packing and capping equipment, skin- and blister-packing machines, duct tape wrapping machines, shrink wrappers and labelling machines, systems of protective, group and transport packing, pallet forming, scanning, labelling, control and bar-code application, conveyor belts, special installations, which clean, sterilise and dry packages, control and measuring equipment, packing and filling equipment, as well as any and all component parts, spare parts for repair works and arrangement of seamless production.

Filling and packing equipment will ensure precise weight of the products, will protect against external actions and will not allow to imbibe odours and moisture.

There is special packing equipment for each category of products.