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Meat-processing equipment in the Republic of Moldova

We provide a wide range of equipment for meat processing and production of various meat and sausage products, for food-industry companies. We are ready to equip both large companies and small production facilities.

You can find everything you need at our company: from supporting and sawing-up equipment to slicers to cut finished products, and vacuum sealers.

One can both launch a new production and to re-equip the existing one, with our help.

How to choose meat-processing equipment

Our specialists provide optimal technological solutions and choose the required meat-processing equipment. We also realise professional mounting and technological start-up, besides this, we provide necessary consumables and component materials.

We provide a catalogue of equipment allowing to carry on the primary meat processing, production and reprocessing of semi-prepared products, as well as equipment for final meat processing and production of meat and sausage products.