French fries are the most sought side dish anywhere in the world. Hence, the kitchens of any and all restaurants must have deep-fat fryers. Use this hot offer from Dina Cociug Company and get the best price/quality correlation!

Why should you invest in Hendi professional deep-fat-fryer?

  • It has an additional safety thermostat ensuring the overheat protection for your equipment
  • It has economical oil consumption
  • Its rubber feet ensure the equipment stableness
  • The detachable oil tray facilitates the cleaning process
  • Availability of this deep-fat fryer will let you diversify your menu, by including there such dishes as battered fish, sparrowgrass au gratin, croquettes with different fillings, meat loafs, doughnuts, arancini, and many others. Make your guests enjoy new delicacies and they will make you enjoy their frequent visits!

Contact us and we will find the ‘best solution’ for you.