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Laundry Equipment

Professional laundry equipment is used not only by companies, which render relevant services to the population.

As a rule, large and even small hotels, hotel complexes, resort facilities, tourist camps, recreation camps and many other public establishments need such equipment none the worse. Simply, both equipment and laundry activities are imperceptible and unintrusive for the visitors. If you are the owner of such a company, you know perfectly well that the opinion about your establishment depends directly on linen cleanness.

How to choose laundry equipment

If you want to ensure high-quality and, at the same time, quick linen washing, drying and ironing, then you have to attention to the following functional options when choosing the equipment: powerful heating elements in professional drying and washing machines or ironing equipment; option of connection to cold and hot water for washing machines, option of connection to liquid detergent systems; automated dosing of cleaning substances, which has a positive impact on the wash cycle time and, as well to washing quality (when using high-quality detergents); option of connection to payment systems, which allows such equipment to be used at laundromats; drain valve in washing machines, since availability of a drain valve significantly reduces the time of water drainage (if compared to the machines equipped with a drain pump), since the water runs out by natural flow right to the sewerage system.

Another advantage of such a valve is that there is no need to clean the drain pump filter on a regular basis. One more option to be considered is the high linen centrifuging in washers-extractors, since this allows to reduce time for subsequent linen drying. Since not only the drum rotating speed but also the drum diameter has an impact on the residual moisture content in the linen, another important indicator when comparing the centrifuging in washing machines is so-called ‘G-factor’. The higher this indicator is, the better the linen is wrought. If a washing machine has a low-speed extraction regime, there is a need for a centrifuge. When selecting professional ironing mangles and flatwork dryers-ironers, one should pay attention to the controllable temperature and ironing speed. Such functions allow to get adapted, to a maximum effect, to different types of linen, thus ensuring the high-quality ironing within an optimal time period. Industrial laundry equipment may be supplied with electrical or steam heating or with a combination thereof.

The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!