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Kitchenware in the Republic of Moldova

The most important factor for guests is still the high quality of offered products, which directly depends on the conditions of ingredient storage, effective and pretty dish presentation and pleasant atmosphere.

We offer everything one needs to provide kitchen personnel with high-quality utensils and kitchenware for safe product storage and meal preparation.

Kitchenware for professional use in the HoReСa sector will allow you to dedicate yourself to your favourite business to the fullest extent, to use utensils with pleasure and to arrange correct serving of meals.

Dina Cociug offers wide choice of kitchenware for the HoReCa sectors, i.e. restaurants, cafés and hotels, as well as for other catering establishments. We pay thorough attention to products quality. The items we offer fully comply with all international certificates.

The main advantages of our products are:

All professional kitchenware is absolutely safe for people’s health,

High heat-resistant criteria of our items,

Excellent parameters of durability and resistance to wear and tear, crack and shear formation,

Possibility to use kitchenware for all kinds of stoves and convectional ovens,

High aesthetical features.

Practical catering kitchenware will allow to achieve the high level of client servicing and will also allow business owners to save their monies.

How to choose kitchenware

The best everyday cook’s helper is still considered to be kitchen utensils. The quality of prepared meals depends on materials, which the utensils are made of, and on compliances of the utensils with technical requirements.

Good kitchen utensils for restaurants will allow to prepare and serve the culinary masterpieces in a pretty manner. The visitors of your establishment will be satisfied with excellent meals and sophisticated table setting. Hence, this means that they will choose your restaurant or café next time and will recommend it to their friends. Our Company will help you to equip the professional kitchen of your establishment with all required appliances. The range of our products comprises high-quality tools, kitchenware, accessories and cleaning solutions.

Professional kitchen utensils must comply with a wide range of requirements. Non-abidance by such requirements will entail the breach of labour safety and meals preparation technology, will lead to dissemination of pathogenic microorganisms and other troubles. High-quality kitchen utensils must comply with a range of requirements:

They must be made of safe materials. These may include stainless steel, aluminium and its alloys, cast iron, copper, faience, certified plastic or wooden materials, and so on. Kitchen utensils must be used as depending on the kind of products. For instance, no wooden utensils shall be used when working with products having a strong smell or intense colouring, no oxidation-prone metals shall be used for acid products, and so on.

The kitchen utensils construction must be safe and simple. This will significantly facilitate the care to be taken of such utensils and disinfection thereof, and, as well, this will protect the production shop workers.

Separate kitchen utensils must be used for different products. For instance, the same knives and boards shall in no way be used both for dressing of raw meat and fish, and for cutting prepared products (i.e. bread, fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, and so on).

All kitchen utensils must be in good order, without cracks or other defects, since such damages may entail accumulation of dirt out of reach, to finding of chopped pieces in the products, and so on.

You can buy all required equipment at our Company. You need a long list of most diverse kitchen utensils to arrange the operation of restaurants, pizzerias, fast-food outlets, canteens and other catering establishments. So, we can provide you with the major part of the devices you need.