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Oferim constructia depozitelor pentru fructe si legume la cheie de la 100 t./pastrare pa la 5 000 t/pastrare.

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Heat recovery systems allow to:


Heat water


Warm up premises

Heat Recovery Systems

Refrigerating machines generate rather big amounts of heat, which are carried away in the course of cooling and used in the course of gas compressing. Such heat is not used in conventional systems but is removed outside with the help of air-cooled condensers.

Our engineers can use such heat for…

What are the purposes the heat from refrigerating equipment may be used for?

  1. Hot air heating

Heat recovery for air heating in the premises allows to use efficiently up to 100% of heat, which was sent out by a refrigerating machine.  The cost of such utilisation does not include interchangers, various pumps and tanks, because heat is taken directly from hot gas.

  1. Water heating

A storage tank and a pump are connected to the condenser line of the refrigerating system, via a heat exchanger. Heating is also possible via an interchanger.

Hot water may be used to wash premises, other technological needs or the establishment or to warm up the ground under low-temperature refrigerating chambers, in order to avoid frost penetration.

The heat recovery system may be implemented not only at newly designed facilities but also at commissioned ones. This system operates using low-temperature, middle-temperature and high-temperature refrigerating machines.

Implementing a heat recovery system would be more reasonable at those companies, where there is a permanent need for refrigeration and, besides this, where there is a need for warming up the premises. Such facilities may be shops (minimarkets or supermarkets), refrigerating terminals and separate refrigerating chambers.

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