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Freezing equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Freezing equipment or, if it also often called, low-temperature refrigerating equipment is meant to store products at sub-zero temperatures. Such conditions slow down the process of appearance and dissemination of different bacteria, which can flourish at positive temperatures and, as a result, spoil the prepared dishes or perishable foods.

Freezers enjoy great popularity in the catering sector, such as restaurants, bars, cafés and supermarkets, where the quality of freshness of the products used ranks first.

Such equipment allows the foodstuffs to be stored frozen for a long time, without losing those useful properties, which are initially characteristic of fresh products. Hence, such devices are often used to store seasonal fruit and vegetables, when their prices vary significantly over different periods of year. This points to the fact that freezing equipment not only copes well with storage purposes but also allows to reduce significantly the expenses for certain goods categories, for its owners.

How to choose freezing equipment

The location of refrigerating unit is very important for professional equipment. For instance, location thereof in the upper part is deemed to be more convenient, since this unit dirties up less and it is easier to get access to it for examination and repair. The up-to-the-minute models are provided with a dismountable refrigerating unit. Such a construction increases the useable volume of the chamber but does not affect its general dimensions.

When choosing freezing devices, one should also consider the company’s specificity, but not only price. For instance, refrigerating equipment for school canteens may be cheap and comprise a minimum number of options. The integrated companies need steel chambers with advanced options, to keep raw ingredients there. Such refrigerating equipment costs more, but it also has more functions.