We have completed the project on creation of a new line of POLAIR products, i.e. shock-freezing chambers. The tests carried on at food industry companies confirmed excellent technical features of these new items.

Presently, two models of shock-freezing chambers are available for order: with one or two carts GN 1/1. Each of them may be realised in two external looks:

painted metal outside and unstainable metal inside the chamber,

unstainable metal outside and inside the chamber.

This means perfect taste and freshness of your products.

POLAIR shock-freezing chambers are fixed equipment, with the main function of quick and uniform freezing of different foodstuffs. The technology realised by such equipment allows to reduce the time of product freezing significantly, and, meanwhile, to keep its appearance, structure and useful properties.

Shock-freezing chambers can operate in two regimes: enhanced cooling and freezing

Enhanced cooling regime
Cooling from +90°C to +3°C is realised over a short period of time (not exceeding 90 minutes). Cooled products still keep their attractive appearance, useful property and flavour after such delicate processing. Moreover, the product weight remains the same and there are avoided the conditions for bacterial growth, which is the main reason of food spoilage. Your dishes will be always ready.

Shock-freezing regime
In case of the shock-freezing regime, the food temperature falls from +90°C to -18°C (within a maximum of 240 minutes). Quick penetration of cold into structural tissues of foodstuffs contributes to formation of microcrystals without molecular destruction and losses of quality. The prepared dishes or fresh foods, which were frozen in such a way, can be stored for a long time, still being fresh and attractive.


  • Retention of structure. High cooling speed allows keeping the tissue structure of fresh products unchanged.
  • Environmental cleanness. No thermal or chemical processing ensures environmental cleanness of your products.
  • Safety. The shock-freezing speed prevents many species of bacteria from growth.
  • Conservation of mass. The shock-freezing regime reduces the losses in foods weight to 0.8%.

POLAIR shock-freezing chambers are distinguished due to the power of their refrigerating system, capacity and operational efficiency. Get familiarised with all the models of shock-freezing and enhanced cooling devices from POLAIR, as soon as possible.