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Electrical mechanical equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Electrical mechanical equipment means the equipment, which is indispensable to efficient operation of catering establishments and which allows to optimise the personnel’s work at shops, bars, cafés and restaurants. Such technological equipment as mincing machines, potato peelers, bread cutters, dough-making machines, multifunctional kitchen machines and other equipment, which fulfils a part of personnel’s duties and automates their work, allows to reduce significantly the time for meals preparations and, as well, electrical power expenses.

Only reliable and functional technological equipment may lead to success of a catering establishment.

How to choose electrical mechanical equipment

No one professional kitchen, either in a restaurant, or in a café, canteen, fast-food establishment or pizzeria, cannot deal without special equipment, which will grind up, cut, sort and mix products in a quick and easy manner.

The range of electrical mechanical equipment for canteens, restaurants and shops is very wide. It comprises the following groups:

equipment to process fish, meat and products made of it (i.e. mincing machines, belt saws, electrical fish scalers, cutters, slicers, mincemeat mixers, sausage fillers); equipment to process vegetables (potato peelers, vegetable cutters, vegetable washing and pulping machines); confectionery equipment (dough-making machines, stand mixers and hand mixers).


The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!