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Dishwashers in the Republic of Moldova

Dishwasher is not just another kitchen device. This is a way to save time efforts when cleaning up, and to wash all dishware in a spic-and-span manner for sure. Everybody knows that unpleasant sensation when the mountains of dirty dishes only increase at the suppertime with friends. However, a dishwasher will help to cope with such a challenge. It never complains that it has to wash all dirty plates and wine glasses after a merry feast with friends. Meanwhile, you may come back to your guests and enjoy those precious moments of the evening.

A dishwasher will wash dishware up to high lustre, it will save your time and money. And what is the icing on the cake? Using a dishwasher allows to reduce water consumption. Apropos, do you want a slab of cake? Our dishwashers will take care of your dishes, while you will be enjoying the share time.

How to choose a dishwasher

When choosing a dishwasher, you can take your lead from the quantity of dishware. A standard set comprises two plates, a salad bowl, utensils, a cup, a saucer and a glass. Then count how many such sets you need per eating or per day. Then choose the household appliances, relying on the results you have obtained.

It would be better to select a model with a reserve, which is two or three times bigger than your estimated minimum requirements. Moreover, not all dishwasher models have economical water or electrical power consumption. As a rule, standard dishwashers with five or six programmes consume water in a more economical manner than higher-priced versions with a wide range of functions.

The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!