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Dishware and serveware in the Republic of Moldova

Serveware is a good addition to dishware and tableware. It is made of ceramics, faience, glass, stainless steel, silver or silver-plated steel. Many companies, which manufacture tableware, also offer serveware: teapots, coffeepots, sauce boats, milk jugs, candelabrums, caviar dishes, and trays. The serveware also includes two- and three-layer stacks, which will help you to serve sandwiches, canapes, fruit and confectionery products, in an original manner, hotplates and serving carts. The serveware shall smoothly combine the elements of traditionalism and innovation.

The serveware must comprise all properties as required for professional dishware: resistance to corrosion, durability and pretty glitter. The serveware design must make the united and harmonious assembly with the establishment’s interior. Present-day manufacturers offer a wide range of various serveware both for classical interiors and for modern ones.

How to choose dishware and serveware

If one wants to select really high-quality pieces of dishware and serveware, which comply with all international standards, the attention shall be paid to certain details, which include item length and thickness, material, treatment and polish quality. The side surface must be completely smooth, while polish implies many-stage surface treatment. A distinguishing feature of high-quality items is the excellence of its finishing. Those items, which have smooth and glossy lustre, without scratches and surface blushing, may pretend to be regarded as high-quality ones.

Dishware with matte surface or with surface, which was artificially aged and imitates the ravages of time, has come into fashion recently. All leading manufacturers can afford high degree of raw materials processing, using qualitative and expensive equipment, as well as many-level quality control. Their products are characterised by the wide assortment of items of modern shapes, which can be perfectly combined with dishware and interiors. Besides basic sets, here are also indispensably included knives, forks and spoons for different meals and beverages. Such collections include the most diverse tableware lines, from items of traditional shapes to unconventional items.