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Oferim constructia depozitelor pentru fructe si legume la cheie de la 100 t./pastrare pa la 5 000 t/pastrare.

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We offer manufacturing of refrigerating chambers on a turn-key basis for:


Product refrigeration


Storage of refrigerated products


Product freezing


Freezing tunnels


Storage of frozen products


Shop-window chambers

Refrigerating and Freezing Chambers

Refrigerating chambers are designed for refrigeration and freezing of meat, fish, various semi-prepared products, dumplings, fruit, vegetables, and so on.

We make refrigerating chambers as depending on the client’s project, or we may design refrigerating chambers together with clients, considering: initial product temperature, environmental temperature, internal dimensions of the chamber, thickness of thermal insulation panels, product type, cooling time, product loading to cooling surface, flows within a refrigerating chamber, such number of door openings, number of persons or controlled handling devices, according to the questionnaire for cooling capacity calculation.

The price of such refrigerating chambers is calculated as depending on the cooling system, type of the door used, right determination of refrigerating power of the refrigerating device and type of panels used.

Advantages of co-operation with us:

We are a team of experienced engineers. We provide the best solutions for our clients at the best prices.

Main elements:

  1. Sandwich-panel chamber,
  2. Refrigerating door,
  3. Refrigerating installation.

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Our Advantages:


We are a team of experienced engineers


We offer effective solutions at the best prices