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Charity instead of New Year’s gifts: why Dina chose this approach

The concept of alternative giving itself is a new interpretation of Benjamin Franklin’s idea: the gift recipient asks the giver to make a donation to those in need rather than giving him/her a gift. Nowadays, this is more and more often done by people who celebrate their birthday, people who are getting married, while companies are most actively practicing alternative giving on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. The main thing achieved by the experience of participating in such campaigns is the feeling of joy, because you are doing an important good deed on the eve of holiday, and not alone, but with a whole team of like-minded persons.

“Charity instead of souvenirs is already a classic format of interaction between business and non-profit organizations on the eve of holidays. Our partners actively support alternative giving. It has long been proven that the best way to feel happier is making other people happy. But how to choose the direction that deserves help? Many people have lost a significant amount of donations due to the pandemic. In these difficult times, our partners consider that we should help sick children, those who will certainly become our hope and support in times of need. Dina Cociug fully supports this decision.

We are very pleased and inspired that companies are increasingly involved in charity, indeed become socially responsible, and show excellent initiatives. We are also happy to participate in such initiatives and are glad when we find like-minded persons.

Fimar Group and Dina Cociug – together towards the future!


Only at Dina – 𝗩𝗜𝗩𝗢, the universal countertop display case!

Dear friends, please meet 𝗩𝗜𝗩𝗢, the universal countertop display case!

Excellent design, maximum product visibility and mobility make our new product an ideal solution for efficient equipping of Retail and HoReCa facilities.

𝐕𝐈𝐕𝐎 is perfect for take away format, effectively demonstrates products of various categories – ready-made warm meals, chilled desserts or gastronomic products. ⠀

The excellent design combines the unity of glass and metal, emphasizes the elegance of equipment, drawing additional attention to the products on display. The display case fits harmoniously into any interior design style and looks spectacular both in supermarkets and in catering establishments.

The compactness of 𝐕𝐈𝐕𝐎 display case allows placing it on any horizontal surface. The spherical front glass with an ergonomic handle provides free access to the product, and the glass easily lifts due to the built-in mechanism. The gastronomic containers made of high-quality stainless steel are located inside the display case, thus they create an effective presentation of products owing to well-ordered display.

The countertop display case is presented in three designs:

❅ MEDIUM TEMPERATURE (0…+5°С) — for gastronomic and confectionery products

❅ LOW MEDIUM TEMPERATURE (-5…+5°С) — for fish and seafood

✰ HEATED (up to +65°С) — for ready-made warm meals

Static cooling ensures a stable temperature and maximum freshness of products.

The 𝐕𝐈𝐕𝐎 display case came to be in great demand in Retail and HoReCa establishments owing to the simplicity of installation and maintenance, especially when it is necessary to quickly and efficiently organize trade. High energy efficiency of the model is achieved due to operation on propane (R290).

Upon customer’s request, the front panel of the display case can be made in any color scheme according to RAL. This makes it possible to create an individual style when organizing a retail space.



Juka has some news for you!

Boneta universal, with 2 sealed chambers, working in 3 temperature options

M1000S – the latest generation universal freezer opens up new possibilities for retail with a small area for displaying and selling both chilled and pre-frozen food. The main advantage of the model is two separate compartments operating on independent cooling circuits with two compressors. One of the advantages is low investment and operating costs, temperature indication on the central panel, as well as environmentally friendly refrigerant.

• rack system
• price tag holder
• protective bumpers along the body
• branding of any kind
• different colors


Remote monitoring from Polair

Dear Client!

We are pleased to announce about the unique remote monitoring function of refrigeration POLAIR equipment! This function allows you to monitor and control the refrigeration equipment remotely, from anywhere with Internet connection!

To connect to the remote monitoring system, you need to:

∙ order refrigeration equipment with a pre-installed network module,
∙ connect a compatible network module to electronic unit of the refrigeration equipment,
∙ establish the connection between module and router via a wireless communication channel,
∙ register in cloud storage,
∙ synchronize the account with refrigeration equipment.

Remote monitoring is possible from any device: from a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone!


New product – Polair

Dear Customer!

We are happy to inform you about a new product from our reliable partner – Polair!
The company’s refrigerating machines line was completed with two more models of low-temperature monoblocks MB328S and MB331S and 2 models of medium-temperature monoblocks MM337S and MM342S.

New models of traditional monoblocks designed for wall mounting. The design and high advantage of monoblocks of the 3rd generation is the type of hot gas defrost. This is the most efficient, least energy consuming and fastest way to defrost!

The main advantages of hot gas defrost are:
• the shortest defrost cycles, that keeps temperature inside the chamber stable and the quality of stored products,
• energy consumption is significantly lower in comparison with defrost heating elements,
• the heating area is the entire heat exchange surface,
• no additional automation is required to connect heating elements.

Monoblocks are available for order from September 2021!

We will be happy to assist you in case you have any additional questions!



Everything has changed drastically over the last two years and Dina Cociug has changed too. We have been living side by side with our logo for 19 years, however, we understand now that it is time to leave it. Technology development, gained experience and our energy created the new Dina.

We realised at every stage of our development that everything happened to us were only the details of the same picture, where everything was in its place, was well-structured and logic. We understand perfectly well now what are the demands of our Clients and how our Company can satisfy them.

Rebranding is a kind of evolution of the Company’s brand. Our logotype, corporate identity, all printed materials and website will have a new bright and bold style now. This bright and attention-getting style appeared due to long-time work on our value system and to bold aspirations of our Company.

New Company’s style is made by analogy to Tetris game, where every detail has its own meaning. So, we demonstrate the qualities we are glad to offer to you, i.e. team spirit, flexibility, innovativeness and unceasing pursuit of excellence.

However, the most important news for you is that we provide namely the SOLUTIONS and namely the product your business needs, but not just goods that do not always settle the task set.

Welcome to the new Dina, where everything is in its places!


Simple ways to increase sales in the check-out area of bakeries and confectioner’s shop

How can you increase the sales in the check-out area of coffee points or bakeries? How can you manage it in the most efficient way?

We have carried on the audit, surveillance and interviews with buyers and have identified several factors that can have an influence on buyers and their behaviour in the check-out area.

Number 1: HEALTHY EATING in the check-out area
Although the key criteria for check-out area products are the convenience of their format, attractive package and usage occasion, i.e. by the force of habit or in the momenta, the products in the check-out area may be characterised by the same consumer expectations as any other categories: 48% of all respondents said that the goods they purchased in the check-out area were not very useful for their health and that made them concerned. According to Nielsen global investigation, 67% of consumers in Russia take active care of their ration. So, bakeries or cafeteria shall not be afraid of experimenting with ‘natural’ assortment and with formation of relevant supplies in the check-out area.

Number 2: CORRECT check-out area assortment
As a matter of traditions, buyers are ready to see the following in the check-out area: chewing gums (68%), chocolate sticks (61%), candies (39%), or chocolate bars (29%). Nevertheless, every fifth buyer named the products they would like to buy but had not seen in the check-out area. First of all, buyers spoke about seasonal goods: many of them said that they would like to bottled water (18%), and refrigerators with water and soft drinks (9%), or ice-cream (9%) in the check-out area. Secondly, buyers also mentioned promotional products: on the one hand, buyers themselves are interested in such goods and 63% of them looked for items at reduced price in the check-out area. What is more, on the other hand, price segmentation as depending on the time of baking provides a stable association of the relevant confectioner’s shop, bakery or fuel station as client-oriented one.

Number 3: Involvement TECHNOLOGIES
According to the realised research, over 8% of buyers use their smartphones when standing in a queue in the check-out area. So, the check-out area is still an offline space, hence, the people, who are standing there, may be involved in nine cases out of ten, in impulse purchases, using traditional means, i.e. unusual arrangement of the check-out area, or uncommon solutions for location of shelves and commodity items thereon.



Enhanced cooling and shock-freezing chambers

We have completed the project on creation of a new line of POLAIR products, i.e. shock-freezing chambers. The tests carried on at food industry companies confirmed excellent technical features of these new items.

Presently, two models of shock-freezing chambers are available for order: with one or two carts GN 1/1. Each of them may be realised in two external looks:

painted metal outside and unstainable metal inside the chamber,

unstainable metal outside and inside the chamber.

This means perfect taste and freshness of your products.

POLAIR shock-freezing chambers are fixed equipment, with the main function of quick and uniform freezing of different foodstuffs. The technology realised by such equipment allows to reduce the time of product freezing significantly, and, meanwhile, to keep its appearance, structure and useful properties.

Shock-freezing chambers can operate in two regimes: enhanced cooling and freezing

Enhanced cooling regime
Cooling from +90°C to +3°C is realised over a short period of time (not exceeding 90 minutes). Cooled products still keep their attractive appearance, useful property and flavour after such delicate processing. Moreover, the product weight remains the same and there are avoided the conditions for bacterial growth, which is the main reason of food spoilage. Your dishes will be always ready.

Shock-freezing regime
In case of the shock-freezing regime, the food temperature falls from +90°C to -18°C (within a maximum of 240 minutes). Quick penetration of cold into structural tissues of foodstuffs contributes to formation of microcrystals without molecular destruction and losses of quality. The prepared dishes or fresh foods, which were frozen in such a way, can be stored for a long time, still being fresh and attractive.


  • Retention of structure. High cooling speed allows keeping the tissue structure of fresh products unchanged.
  • Environmental cleanness. No thermal or chemical processing ensures environmental cleanness of your products.
  • Safety. The shock-freezing speed prevents many species of bacteria from growth.
  • Conservation of mass. The shock-freezing regime reduces the losses in foods weight to 0.8%.

POLAIR shock-freezing chambers are distinguished due to the power of their refrigerating system, capacity and operational efficiency. Get familiarised with all the models of shock-freezing and enhanced cooling devices from POLAIR, as soon as possible.


How can medical staff be effectively protected against the risk of Coronavirus infection?

Dom Triage Box are safety boxes, which play a crucial role in full safety of your patients and staff.

They are very effective not only in control of epidemic risk of Coronavirus or any other types of viruses, particularly, when making Coronavirus tests or taking the temperature in suspicious patients.

This is because namely this stage is the most important and dangerous one, since the medical staff (doctors, nurses or pharmacists) are under the risk of being infected.

Dom Triage Box allows taking samples in full safety, without any risks of infection, thus, protecting your personnel.

Contact a specialist from Dina Cociug Company by telephone number 079360045 and find out more details about up-to-date and revolutionary safety box – Dom Triage Box.

We will win together!