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Carts and baskets in the Republic of Moldova

If buyers want to choose and purchase any goods comfortably, their hands must be free. Aiming to create comfort for their clients, self-service shops buy such trade equipment as carts and baskets. Both such types of tare are important and necessary. Baskets are more mobile and buyers are allowed to go to express checkouts, thus, saving their time. Carts are weight-lifting devices, they may be taken right to taxi parking area or to one’s own car.

If a shop has large areas, one may put a little child into special section of the cart, so that the baby will be calm and will not have moods because of fatigue, or will not be lost for sure. If one has to make big-size purchases (small pieces of furniture, household appliances, dishware, and so on), taking a cart is always more advantageous, both for the client (they will not be able to carry all necessary items in hands) and for the shop (the average receipt amount of a buyer with ‘vehicle’ is by 15-20% higher than of those, who came in without tare). Meanwhile, baskets increase the visitor capacity of the shop and allow moving there, where two people with carts can hardly pass by each other. Both options have their own incontestable advantages.

How to choose carts and baskets

Shopping carts and baskets are designed for the convenience of visitors of different-scale shops. The use thereof makes the shopping process especially comfortable. Oborudoff Company offers for purchase different kinds of carts and baskets: from small 5-litre baskets from to wheeled carts allowing to put there significant amount of goods and having the volume of up to 240 litres.

The detailed catalogue will help you to choose the trade equipment you need. Besides this, you may also visit our showroom and order the delivery of the goods chosen, right there.