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Bar equipment in the Republic of Moldova

The first and central point in the interior of any café, restaurant or bar, which the visitors pay attention to, is certainly the bar counter. Hence, one should be very serious when choosing such an element. Moreover, aiming to invest their funds reasonably, one should also understand where they can save money and where this will not be appropriate. The correct and optimal layout planning is better to be made with a branch-wise specialist, since one has to pay attention to any and all small details of bar equipment.

The right choice of necessary bar equipment will contribute to its unimpaired operation. Presently, the up-to-day technologies and tough competition make the owners of catering establishments please their visitors to the utmost by offering them a wide range of beverages, possibility to prepare any cocktail or fresh, without making their clients wait for a long time. So, one has to facilitate the barkeeper’s work and to arrange the workplace so that the barkeeper will have all necessary things at his/her hand, for such purposes.

The equipment range is to be selected depending on the establishment’s profile and menu. The degree of automation of food and beverage preparation processes, assortment thereof and productive capacities of devices depend on the estimated flow of visitors and area of the establishment.

How to choose bar equipment

Bar equipment is to be selected depending on the establishment’s profile and menu. When choosing the equipment, one should first of all define namely such issues. Only when the assortment of dishes is known, one may proceed to equipment purchase. Such a scheme seems to be the most logical one and allows to save money or avoid extra costs. For instance, if an establishment is focused exclusively on salads, it is obvious that they will not need grills. Thus, a restaurant requires a big number of tableware, while a fresh-bar needs only a juicer for its operations. Further, bar equipment for a café must comprise table-size shop-windows, small wine cabinets, milk-shake mixers, blenders and juicers. A special attention is to be paid to refrigerating bar equipment.

The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!