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Accessory equipment in the Republic of Moldova

Accessory equipment for a professional kitchen means a big number of items, without which efficient work of the personnel and correct processing of products and semi-prepared products is not possible.

It is a common practice that the accessory equipment means the supporting restaurant and trade equipment, which has no direct temperature or structural impact on products or semi-prepared products, since it does not heat, cool, grind up, mince, cut anything and it is not used directly for decoration or sale of products, meals or semi-prepared products.

How to choose accessory equipment

The requirements to accessory equipment for a restaurant, café or shop include hygiene standards, utility and safety for the personnel. The majority of items is made of stainless steel. Such equipment is made of such shapes, which allow moving it easily at production and warehouse premises, install and then remove it for some time, depending on technological demands, or to wash it quickly and properly, in order to ensure cleanness and hygiene as complying with catering standards.

Use of such equipment together with thermal or refrigerating equipment, fast-food devices or service counters allows to reduce the loss of time for simple operations, to provide the personnel with the maximum comfort and safe working conditions. Accessory equipment allows to take a lot of the hard work out of the routine tasks in a professional kitchen.

The specialists from Dina Company will help you to select proper equipment and to make the full technological scheme of your establishment, so that you will get the utmost benefit!